Producer: Enterprise of non-ferrous metallurgy


The weight of ingot - 8 kg.
Size: LxWxH = 0,68Mx0,08Mx0,08M
Each ingot has a brand (trade-mark).

The weight of one bundle is approx. 800 kg. As a rule - 102 ingots in one bundle.
Each bundle is marked (exactly NW and number of melting and a trade mark of the company).
The ingots are tied down very safely by metal strips and they are suitable for transportation.
As a rule there are 102 ingots in one bundle.

Packing in container:

- GW 24080 KG/20FT container;
  NW 24000 KG/20FT container
- GW 28100 KG/20FT container;
  NW 28000 KG/20FT container

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