Producer: Enterprise of non-ferrous metallurgy

The direction of companies
are in Odessa by address:
Office 821A, 63 Bazarnaya Str.,
65045, Odessa, Ukraine.

Tel.: 380-482-262927,
fax: 380-482-262954.

"South Regional Group" was found and registered like a private company in 1994 in Odessa (Ukraine).
"South Regional Group" is the holding company consisting of five companies.
Above mentioned companies supply the materials, fuel, power, other materials and technical resources. One company is dealing with preparation the documents for customhouse. Besides that, one company is responsible for foreign trade.
As the main export production we can offer the secondary aluminum alloys in ingots.
We are looking for the casting orders from abroad to produce finished articles or semi-finished goods from non-ferrous metal. That might be the orders from such industries as: shipbuilding, motor, aircraft, automobile, agriculture, producing of furniture etc.

Terms of delivery
CPT Odessa-port or FOB Odessa.

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